Who Is One Step?


Who we are depends on what is needed and what our volunteers and partners can give. In the USA we see addiction primarily as a chemical dependency to either legal drinks and pharmaceuticals or illegal (street) drugs. And those are serious issues and are defiantly first strike areas for One Step Recovery – Jesus, Inc. (OSRJ). There are also behavioral addictions that do feed into the above addictions, but also other areas of life. OSRJ is not trying to replace other programs that address additions, but work alongside and in support of these programs; and to help foster new methods of support for both the one needing help and the one providing help.

What do you see yourself doing to help in the area of addiction? When looking at helping people help people help themselves, the needs are almost endless. Because of that they may look almost impossible. But what may look impossible to one person, may become doable when we combine our dreams and visions. You may have a skill set and ministry you don’t see as fitting in an addiction recovery and healing helps ministry. The reality is it takes a village – every talent matters. A person who makes coffee and bakes cookies, makes sandwiches, or host a fundraiser can volunteer and partner with us as well as counselors, sponsors, doctors, and nurses; and so can established and startup businesses. A person who can teach a craft or give music lessons or teach basic life skills can help as much as someone who drives the street and looks for people requiring help.

Are you already doing something and looking for people to come alongside and work with you? Do you have a vision without a location or no idea how to get it off the ground? OSRJ likes to introduce people to people. OSRJ would love to hear your ideas and see where in the puzzle your piece fits. OSRJ loves to see people with needs become people with answers. OSJR understands the importance of passion and we want to hear what you are passionate about. We are a grassroots movement of people with needs and people with skills coming together in the community. We understand that those two things are not mutually exclusive.